About PEC:

Our goal is to assist our members in promoting the efficacy of state-of-the-market technology to facilitate the  biodegradation of conventional petroleum-derived plastics in landfills and related disposal  environments.


Develop a pro-active, offensive platform consisting of technological, operational, economic, legal and other premises that unequivocally demonstrates scientifically proven, professionally endorsed biodegradability of conventional plastics.

  • Quantify the contribution of such plastics biodegradation to recoverable energy generation in landfills and other facilities.

  •  Establish a recognized certification mark for biodegradability with a broader reach than the current compostability certification that is pegged only to high-heat aerobic conditions.

  • Leverage the plastics expertise of the PEC’s leadership, membership and their networks to assist recyclers, reprocessors and endusers in the establishment of cost-effective plastics recycling loops and infrastructures.

  • Leverage these networks and bring state-of-the-art academic and commercial expertise to bear on challenging issues of true and correct life cycle inventory determinations.

The Plastics Environmental Council will:

  • Formalize and broadly promote our certification programs for new technologies.  These certification programs will constantly evolve to adapt to changing regulations/test methods, based on the latest state-of-the-art technologies and available data

  • Identify and recommend a network of accredited, independent laboratories that will execute standard tests employing published, peer-reviewed and professionally ratified protocols to determine the above ratings.  This network will leverage the latest knowledge and technologies to ensure that members’ product sustainability positions and claims remain valid and ahead of the industry curves.
  • Create an internal Technical Advisory Board to stay on top of and leverage the latest technical developments in bioplastics and the biodegradability of conventional plastics, the latest landfill technologies, current advances in recycling and reprocessing technology, and state-of-the-art developments in lifecycle and other end-of-life plastics characterizations.
  • Defend its rigorously test-determined certification rating marks as necessary.
  • Represent its members in the continuous formulation and promulgation of public and legislative outreach efforts.
  • Oppose, with complete supporting documentation, all attempts in the public, regulatory and legislative arenas to influence opinion, standards, regulations, and proposed, pending as well as anticipated legislation that appear to serve specific interests rather than support truly sustainable, impartial action.

PEC Leadership Profiles:

Senator Robert W. McKnight

Charles J. Lancelot

Cliff Moriyama

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